The T9 Set Turkey Red Athletes - Boxers
The T9 set was produced in conjuction with the T3 set, exhibiting numbers 51-76 of the 126 card set.   This iconic
grouping of the day's top prizefighters is highly prized among collectors focused on the sweet science.  Much like
their T3 brothers, the cards feature beautifully detailed color depictions of their subjects along with thoughtful
backgrounds and ornate borders.  The set is loaded with boxing Hall of Famers.

The set was initally produced and made available along with T3's first series (1-50) of cards.  However, the card
backs suggest that the baseball players were issued first, followed a bit later by the "athletes" or boxers.  First
series T3s can be found with a checklist back showing numbers 1-75.  No Jack Johnson (#76).  I've not come
across any T9 with the 1-75 reverse, suggesting that until Jack was added to the checklist, the cards were not
produced.  If I'm wrong on this point, please let me know.  T9s will have a 1-76 back and can also be found with a
1-76 "no-ad" back.  Second series T3s also carry the boxers on their checklist backs, suggesting the boxers
remained available through the second series printing.

Please take a few moments to browse the images below.  These were the champions of their day, skilled and
fierce, captured in their prime by the talented artists who created the unique and important T9 series.