No Ad Backs
The final back variation produced in the first series is commonly referred to as
the 'No-Ad' back.  It's distinct design is clean and clear, the checklist a virtual
who's who of period baseball royalty.

Over the years, one of my collecting goals has been to locate an example of
each card in the first series with this specific back.  Maybe one of you out there
can assist me with my search.  Thanks in advance.
1. M. Brown, Chicago Nat'l
2. Bergen, Brooklyn

3. Leach, Pittsburg
4. Bresnahan, St. Louis Nat'l
5. Crawford, Detroit
6. Chase, New York American
7. Camnitz, Pittsburg
8. Clarke, Pittsburg
9. Cobb, Detroit
10. Devlin, New York Nat'l
11. Dahlen,  Brooklyn

12. Donovan, Detroit
13. Doyle, New York National
14. Dooin, Philadelphia Nat'l
15. Elberfeld, Washington
16. Evers, Chicago National
17. Griffith, Cincinnati
18. Jennings, Detroit
19. Joss, Cleveland
20. Jordan, Brooklyn
21. Kleinow, New York Amer.
22. Krause, Philadelphia Amer.
23. Lajoie, Cleveland

24. Mitchell, Cincinnati
25. M. McIntyre, Detroit

26. McGraw, New York Nat'l
27. Mathewson, N.Y. Nat'l
28. H. McIntyre, Brooklyn

29. McConnell, Boston Amer.
30. Mullin, Detroit
31. Magee, Philadelphia Nat'l
32. Overall, Chicago National
33. Pfeister, Chicago National
34. Rucker, Brooklyn
35. Tinker, Chicago National
36. Speaker, Boston American
37. Sallee, St. Louis Nationa
38. Stahl, Boston American
39. Waddell, St. Louis Amer.
40. Willis, St. Louis National
41. Wiltse, New York National
42. Young, Cleveland
43. Out at Third
44. Trying to Catch Him Nap'g
45. Jordan and Herzog at First
46. Safe at Third
47. Frank Chance at Bat
48. Jack Murray at Bat
49. A Close Play at Second
50. Chief Myers at Bat

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