T3 Proof Gallery

T3 Turkey Red Proofs

T3 proofs are one of a kind
items.  Outside of the significant
find of proof cards discovered at
the American Sports Card
Collectors Association Show held
in New York City in 1973, no
other T3 proof cards have ever
surfaced.   T3 proofs measure
very similar to the regularly
issued cabinets at 5 3/4" x 8" and
have a blank reverse.  While
blank-backed T3s will surface on
occasion, proofs are easily
distinguished by the blank
nameplate on the bottom front
and the printer's marks in each
border.  Further, when viewing a
T3 proof for the first time, one
can't help but notice the exquisite
color and clarity exhibited by
these unique items.  Absolutely
beautiful pieces of art.  Enjoy.
88. Covaleski
100. Jones
110. McBride
THE Cy Young Proof.  I don't own this
card, but saved the image from an
auction.  Wish I'd bid more but it has a
good home. Spectacular item.
Very special card. Should
have bid more on this one
too. THE Rhoades proof.
Not a confirmed proof, but this
blank-backed example of the extra rare
Doolin variation is a unique piece.  
Above all, it carries the extra sharp
focus, clarity and color found only on
T3 proofs.