Card Fronts - Second Series

The second series of T3 Turkey Reds began right where the first series left off,
with the production of beautifully lithographed cabinet-sized premiums of the top
baseball players of the day.  

While not as packed with Hall of Famers as the first series, this grouping did
include Chief Bender, Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson, "Wee Willie" Keeler, Bobby
Wallace and "Big Ed" Walsh.  Frank "Home Run" Baker also appears, however the
image on the card is actually that of teammate Jack Barry.

The second series contains three variations highlighted below.  It also claims
what many feel is the rarest of regularly issued T3s, the card of  #114 - Bob
Rhoades of the Cleveland Naps.
90a. Doolan
90b. Doolin
Throughout his career, Mickey
Doolan was noted as both
Doolan and Doolin.  The Turkey
Red set offered us both
variations.  Curiously, the
correctly spelled Doolan was
changed later in the series and
spelled incorrectly as Doolin for
the remainder of the run.  Or
maybe not - see below.
112a. Paskert - Cincinnati
112b. Paskert - Cin. and Phila. Nat'l
122a. Tenney - N.Y. Nat'l
After playing for the NY
Giants in 1908 and 1909,
Fred Tenney spent 1910
playing for Lowell of the
New England League.  In
1911, he came back to the
National League to act as
the Boston Rustlers in
what would be his final
season in the majors.
122b.  Tenney - N.Y. and Boston Nat'l
On November 12, 1910 Paskert
was traded from the Reds to the
Phillies along with Fed Beebe,
Hans Lobert and Jack Rowan
for Johnny Bates, Eddie Grant,
George McQuillan and Lew
Moran and thus a variation was
born.  Hans Lobert's T3 card
was never updated.
Dool"an" with aTurkey Red advertising back
I didn't think it existed, but I
recently found this Dool"an"
with an ad-back.  Guess we'll
need to ponder whether it
was produced before the
Dool"in" or after.  Very hard
to say.
UPDATE:  As noted on the backs
page, I recently discovered
a Tenney -NY Nat'l with a
Turkey Red advertising back!  One of
a kind?
UPDATE:  As noted on the backs
page, I recently discovered and
added to the collection a copy of
Paskert - Cincinnati with the
Turkey Red advertising back!!