Gallery of original source photography for the T3 Turkey Red set
Here is an often seen image of the
great Christy Mathewson.  This
specific image comes from a period
notebook cover.
From the M101-2 Sporting News Supplement set we find
original photo work for George Mullin of the Detroit Tigers
and Ira Thomas of the Philadelphia Athletics.
An original Conlon photo of John McGraw
"Safe at Third", #46 in the T3 set.  Noted as a
photo by Brown Bros. NY, found in a book
entitled "Around the World with a Camera",
published by Leslie-Judge Company in 1910.
Another piece from the M101-2 Sporting
News Supplements issue.  This time
showing  Sam Crawford of the Detroit Tigers.
 not an exact T3 match,  but very close.
Front and back views of the original Charles Conlon photograph used as
the model and inspiration for the beautiful T3 of George "Dode" Paskert.

Photo courtesy of the Barry Arnold Collection
Another classic Conlon pose depicting Artie
Hofman.  A great photo that created a stunning
Turkey Red.
Hall of Famer "Rube" Waddell
Bob Rhoades of the Cleveland Naps
Hall of Famer Fred Clarke
Jake Pfeister
The following four images below appear courtesy of Scott Forrest