Turkey Red Advertising

Along with the cards themselves, Turkey Red advertising pieces are some of the
most attractive and highly sought after items in the baseball related tobacco
collecting arena.  The spectacular red and white on black items were beautifully
crafted.  A few examples are shown below.
Once prominently and proudly displayed on the walls of
tobacco shops of the day, the beautiful frames and
posters are very rare. The frame on the left measures
16 1/8" W x 19 3/4" H.  I believe there were a few
different size variations of this same frame created.  I
once owned another similar, smaller frame measuring
12 7/8" W x 16" H.  Both frames are skillfully engraved
at the bottom with the "Turkey Red Cigarettes" logo.

I don't own the frame on the right, but you'll notice that
the lettering is all in red and that the wooden frame is
engraved on the bottom with "Turkey Red Turkish

It should be noted that this specific advertising poster
has been reprinted through the years.  Please be
careful to research what you are purchasin
July 7, 1910
July 14, 1910
July 21, 1910
July 28, 1910
In coordination with it's sister brand "Turkish
Trophies", this spectacular advertising piece was
crafted.  The top portion of the frame holds an
example of Frank "Home Run " Baker from the
very rare L1 Leathers series along with
redemption coupons from this issue.  The bottom
left holds a Vic Willis T3, while the bottom right
holds a beautifully done portrayal of Napolean
Lajoie from the highly sought S81 Silks series.  
What an amazing piece.
Handsomely sandwiched
between ads for Johnnie
Walker and Bull Durham, this
Turkey Red promotion kept
subway riders up to date on the
most popular vices of the day.
This newspaper ad measures
approximately 11" x 3 1/2" and was
found in the Saturday October 8, 1910
issue of The World.
I found these ads a few years ago, but neglected to note the
paper from which they originated.  However, someone was
kind enough to note the date they appeared on the back of
each one.  Each ad measures approximately 10 1/2" x 4 1/2".
This nice centerfold appeared in a small
paper publication issued in the spring of
1911 entitled "The Sunday American 1911
Base Ball Guide".  A great guide in itself,  
jam packed with stats and information on
the 1910 season.  When opened, the
display measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".  It's the
S81 Walter Johnson & S81 Home Run Baker.
Absolutely stunning pieces.  These measure 7" X 9" and were offered in
exchange for 25 of the gift slips packed inside Turkish Trophies
cigarettes.  Of the 25 S81 silks in a complete set, 20 are known in the T3
series.  19 of the 20 are essentially identical to their T3 twins.  The Baker
above would have been an amazing T3 and certainly a huge
improvement on the actual premium which was created with a likeness of
Jack Barry.

Images courtesy of the Richard Clemens collection.
A beautiful example of
an L1 Leather, featuring
the pinnacle of the 25
item set, Tyrus Raymond
Cobb.  Secured in
exchange for 50 Turkish
Trophy gift slips, these
amazing items measure
11 3/4" X 9 1/2".  Extra
rare in any condition,
they carry the same
images as the S81
While visiting Ellis Island, I
was surprised to find this on
the wall in one of the many
exhibit halls.  I believe it is
printed in Yiddish, but am not
sure.  Maybe someone can
confirm or correct.  Quite an
amazing find.  As an aside,
please visit the Ellis Island
museum. You will learn so
much and never forget it.  A
real eye-opener.