T72 - Hudson-Fulton Series
Inserted into 10-cigarette packages of Turkey Red
cigarettes beginning in the summer of 1909, this attractive
and historical 25 card set featured subjects related to the
1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration.

The Hudson-Fulton Celebration was a commemoration of
Henry Hudson's discovery of the Hudson River, 300 years
earlier, along with recognition of Robert Fulton who
invented the steamship and tested it on the Hudson in 1807.

Individual cards of Hudson and Fulton feature portraits on
the front and information regarding their lives and
accomplishments on the back.  The remaining cards in the
set feature horizontal depictions of various steamships and
other scenes.

The cards measure 2" X 2 5/8", are detailed and colorful
and have a slight glossy finish on the front.  The cards are
classified as T72.
T-72 Checklist

1. The Albany
2. The Birthplace of Fulton
3. The Clermont
4. The Dean Richmond
5. The De Witt Clinton
6. The Ferryboat Jersey
7. The Firefly
8. The First Albany
9. The First Ferryboat
10. The Francis Skiddy
11. Fulton's First Experiment
12. Fulton's Submarine
13. The Half Moon
14. The Hendrick Hudson
15. Henry Hudson Discoverer of the Hudson
16. The Highlander
17. The Isaac Newton
18. The Mary Powell
19. The North America
20. The Paragon
21. The Phoenix
22. Robert Fulton (portrait)
23. The Robert Fulton
24. The U.S. War Vessel Demologos
25. The York